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As of 8/2023, our MISSED CLASS Procedure has changed:
Gold Coast will offer ONE (1) group rescheduled/absent class on the last week (week #8) of each Term. 

Only ONE (1) missed class may be rescheduled. No transfers/credits to the following Term.
Contact the front desk to schedule class.  Make-ups are not guaranteed, are based on class availability, and must be prescheduled.

Make-ups are non-transferable, no credits, and carryovers to the following Term. 


  DATES of the Make-Up class

Term 1- week 8- Friday, September 29th

Term 2 – Week 8- Friday, December 1st
Term 3- Week 8- Friday, February 2nd

Term 4 – Week 8-Friday April 5
Term 5- Week 8- Friday, May 31



Preschool classes: 5:30-6:15

School-age classes: 6:30-7:25





No classes scheduled for this term