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Update 3/28/20

We all hope that you are all safe and well. Nationally and most definitely locally we all have been suddenly impacted by the severity of this crisis. Each family has been impacted in different ways. Kids have missed the gym and our coaches have missed the kids and being at the gym too!  Now your living room, couches furniture and walls are paying the price!
This too shall pass and we will all resume life again as normal. We are all looking forward to what comes next- during the crisis and afterward
We're working to adjust the class schedules for when we re-open. We want to reopen as soon as we can!  Hopefully shooting for April 13 (Monday) 
Currently, it looks like students in the current Term  (Term 4: Feb 24-April11) will have missed 3 to 4 classes.  Yes, you will be able to do make-ups in the next Term! You will not be losing those classes- there will be an extended period of time in order to get them done. However, you are not required to make them up. We will be adding additional days to make this happen.
Moving forward will require your support. There's just no way it can be said any other way. We would like to continue to provide high-quality programs for the kids in our community. It will only happen with your continued support during these difficult times.  Gold Coast has cut expenses to the bone. Some expenses can be put off for a while, but there are some things that we cannot avoid.
All things will eventually catch up with us. To survive this crisis, we all need to push forward together. Here's how you can help out:
  • Sign up and pay for the next 7-week session
    * Term #5 April 13-May 30 ---if we start at a later date makeup will be available  
  •  * A gift certificate or Pay it forwards payment ( for another child's tuition)
  •  * Flat dollar donation
  • Any other assistance that you may think may be of assistance to Gold Coast
We hope to see you soon!


Update- March 23, 2020

Hello Gold Coast Families;

We hope you are all doing well in this very challenging time. Gold Coast will remain closed the rest of this week March 23- 28th.
Although we are sad and scared that we must close temporarily, it was not a decision we made fast. We took many things into account before we initially made our decision. We realized it must be done for the safety of all of our coaches, competitive teams and all our class students and families.

Last week in our early stage of being closed our awesome coaches came in and we did a deep clean and disinfected the entire gym!
 All on top of what we already had done.  This alone was no easy feat!   We love our coaches and know you do too-- so thank you coaches!  


As social distancing has now become the norm, I'm sure that you have been doing your part and staying home and trying to entertain your kiddos! This is a full-time job in itself! I get it! Remember we have teens too! 
So we are going to get creative!  We are working on some ideas for you to do at home....we will keep you posted.
But if you haven't already done so, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram  gold_coast_gymnastics_inc. 
We will be posting there too!   

Keep checking back here for updated info!  We hope to see you all soon-- we miss seeing all of our kiddos!

Jill Rojas






Hello Gold Coast families,

We wanted to take a little time to share some information with you.
As you all know that schools are closed for 2 weeks and many community activities have been cancelled, businesses have adjusted their hours and many other new rules have been put in effect to keep our communities safe.
Things are changing and evolving daily and sometimes hourly with all the new guidelines and procedures that are being implemented by the CDC.  We have been monitoring all the information that is presented in the past 24 hours. We also have many doctors, nurses and other colleagues who are sharing information that they have received.
But ultimately, we must do what is best for Gold Coast. This is not a decision that we are taking lightly as our decisions whether to remain open or to close does directly affect our business, coaches, competitive teams and of course your family as well. 

We wanted to share with you our plan of action for Gold Coast. 
As of tomorrow, Tuesday March 17th we will be CLOSING for the rest of the week- March 17th – 21st.  
During this time, we will be having our staff doing some additional cleaning of the equipment on top of all our daily cleaning we have already been doing.

At this time, we do not know when we will re-open. We are hoping that it will be a short closure as we want to be able to offer children the extra activities that they need and make sure that our competitive teams have the training time they need.  As for class make-ups, YES we will be offering and extending the time period to do them.  We may offer some additional options to alleviate full groups.  

Please understand we all want to stay safe and healthy. We will post info and send e-mails with any updates.
If you have further questions, feel free to e-mail us.


Thank you,

Raul & Jill Rojas




 Term # 4 February 24th - April 11th  (7weeks)

Don't forget to register early...Some of our most popular classes are filling up! 

Once a class is full we will begin a wait list. 

* Please note each class/program has age and or grade limits.
If you are unsure which class program to search click on ------> 
What class do I choose?

Ex: Tumble Dragons 3-4 yr old--child MUST be 3 to enter the class-"almost 3's will be enrolled in the Mini-Dragon class. 

Ex.  Almost 5's will need to go into the Tumble Dragons class. If the coaches feel the child has the skills/ability to advance to the Super Dragons class- they will alert the front desk. 

Ex: Girls & Boys Developmental classes are school age K-8th Gr.-*VPK5 will enter the Super Dragon class unless child has been skill tested through SD and has advanced into the K and higher classes.  


Please understand that every student is getting older as the year progresses! As a parent, you may feel your child needs to be in the older class because they
"will be turning" the next age soon. (example 4 turning 5)  We agree advancing is important...but it MUST be at the correct time. Your child's safety is very important to us!  There are many factors to advancing.  Is child physically, mentally and socially ready? Is the next level appropriate? What is the age of the next class. 
It would be unsafe for us to place a new student in a class who does not meet the class requirements.  If you have questions on which class your child should enter 

we will gladly help! 



Many of our popular classes  may not be available- those popular classes have a waiting list. 

To enroll for classes- you will need to choose a class, complete the yearly enrollment form 

 then come in to the gym to pay or call in for payment =) Payment must accompany the yearly enrollment form.
(**Please note we do not have a "online" registration/payment option)


Gold Coast Gymnastics, Inc. was established in 1973 and is family owned and operated. We are proud of our 14,000 sq. ft. gymnastic training facility and we invite you to visit us and schedule a class. We offer "New Members" a 1x "Evaluation Class" for $15.00. Space and times are limited. 


  We are centrally located  in Lake Worth Beach, Florida servicing West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Royal Palm, Lantana, Boynton Beach, Delray and Wellington, North Palm Beach, Riveria Beach and Jupiter.

Gymnastics is a terrific sport. Many adults who have participated in the sport of gymnastics have become successful doctors, lawyers, teachers, business people, professors, police officers, nurses, scientists, and many others. Gymnastics provides an outstanding way for young people to test their character against themselves and others. Gymnastics can provide opportunities for physical development, character development, and education that are hard to find anywhere else.




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World-Class Facility

We are proud of our 14,000 sq. ft. cutting edge gymnastic training facility centrally located in Palm Beach County in Lake Worth, Florida.


Open- Gym

Begins August 17th
Enjoy an hour and a half of Open-Gym! Children can work on their gymnastic skills on each event as well as jump on trampoline and play in the foam pit. This is a great opportunity for friends to be together.

*permission forms required for participation


Ages- 5yr-14yrs old
- sorry no adults


USA Gymnastics Member

Gold Coast Gymnastics is a proud member of USA Gymnastics. USA Gymnastics is the sole national governing body for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. This designation comes from the U.S. Olympic Committee, and the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).