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Summer Camp

  2020 Summer Gymnastics Camp      *Registration IS Open!  Limited to 16 per DAY! 

    Who:  Girls & Boys    Ages: 5yr.- 12yrs     When:  June 1st- August 7th --That is 10 weeks of Camp


Summer Camp Registration form PDF

You may sign up for the day, for the week or for the entire 10 weeks of camp. 

Drop off begins at 8:30am at no additional charge. Pick up is at 3:00pm.  (you may drop off/pick up at any time)

Gold Coast Gym offers girls & boys a full day program. Summer camp is geared for ages 5yr.-12yr.old. Our coaches will teach campers the basics of gymnastics using our "Developmental Program".  New skills will be introduced upon mastery of the basics.
   9-12: Gymnastics Class Time- will include- Event training, tumbling, trampoline, open-workout, Games  

   12-1: Lunch & Rest Time- Please pack lunch in cooler/lunch box.(Please note-we don’t provide microwave or refrigerator for lunches)
    1-3: Fun Time Activities-will include: Gymnastics events, challenges and many more In-House gymnastics Activities!!

Attire: Please make sure that Summer Campers wear proper gymnastics attire! 

Girls: Wear a one-piece leotard. Bare stomach or mid-drift, T-Shirts , jean shorts are not permitted. 

         * Tight fiting shorts may be worn over leotard-No Jewelry, hair pulled up and away from the face and bare feet.

Boys: Tight fitting athletic shirt—like Under Armor/Champion.  Stretchy shorts. No Buttons or zippers. No  jewelry or watches, bare feet.
Why is proper gymnastics attire important? Safety is the first priority.  Baggy clothes, loose fitting attire could get wrapped on equipment or in the way of the child or coach.

 Jewelry- only post earrings are acceptable. Hoops or any type that hangs below the earlobe is unsafe!
    **We have a selection of gymnastics attire or both girls & boys
 We prefer that all electronics be left at home!!  Cell phones are not needed as we have phones in the gym.

Due to digital technology, uploading capabilities and social media, campers may not have cell phones, and/or similar media devices at camp.These devices could be a threat to a camper’s safety and privacy. We take the safety and privacy of our campers very seriously and know that you do, too. Please be aware that some families do not want their child using I-pads and devices.  They may not agee with the games/video's being used/played. Participants may bring books, activity pads, Summer busy work!


Please note our Summer gymnastics camp is for the recreational gymnast! 

Sorry- camp is not designed for the competitive team gymnast.  




No classes scheduled for this term