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Do you want to learn how to tumble? From beginners to advanced, let our tumbling coach help you reach for the stars!

Ages 5yrs- 14 yrs
        Girls & Boys

Tumble 1- Beginner/Intermediate: open to a New tumbler/no prior experience or a tumbler that has medium experience.
               Learning the basics: Rolls, cartwheels, handstands, backbends,
               Improve: round-offs, Back walkovers and more
       *Mastery of skills required to advance to Tumble 2

Tumble 2- Pre-requisite--must be able to master all Tumble 1 skills 
             Intermediate: For tumblers who have more tumbling experience.
              Improve: Roundoffs, back walkovers, intro to backhand springs,  front tumbling.
               Further advancement based on skill experience.
   *Mastery of skills required to advance to Tumble 3

Tumble 3- Advanced- Student must have hack handsprings.
              Will further advance back & Front tucks, tumbling series

No classes scheduled for this term